Planes, Trains, and Relics of the Past: Book 4 of the Anna Romano Mystery Series


In book three of this cozy culinary series, mystery author and part-time meddler, Anna Romano, opens her home to her detective boyfriend’s troubled brother, Scott. But the happy family reunion was over before it began when a body is found in her home, and Scott subsequently disappears



Award-winning author Cheryl Denise Bannerman delivers another helping of tasty Italian dishes, adorable cats, and a side of murder.

In this installment of The Anna Romano Murder Mystery Series, everyone is in full detective mode in search of Shirlene Booker, Anna’s publicist, and best friend. After searching her home and computer and researching the mysterious man she embarked on the cruise with, they come up empty.

When the ship docks in Florida, Detective Solace and Billings are granted access to her cabin, where they find a strange, yet valuable, clue that will ultimately take them across the world in search of answers.

Will they find Shirlene in time? Find out more in this peculiar case of Planes, Trains, & Relics of the Past!


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