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Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping

“Throughout the story, I couldn’t help chuckling as Anna bungles her way in and out of her kidnapping. Anna’s quirky character is an engaging and likable protagonist. Not only filled with Anna’s hilarious antics, this amusing story also has a nice touch of a budding romance. This laugh-out-loud story is a fun and clean read, and will delight readers of all ages who adore cozy mysteries.” ~ 5 Star Review by Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

“I could never imagine you could mix Crime with Comedy! Cats, Cannolis, and a Curious Kidnapping was a quick, fun, entertaining read which took me on for a playful ride. With less than 160 pages, this book can be read easily in one seating.”  ~ Rubina Gomes



“Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping is a fast-paced mix of humor, quirkiness and just plain crazy wacky with some mystery thrown in. Just take a look at the cover, and that sums up entirely what you can expect.” ~ Cathy Ryan

“The mystery element to the book was well-crafted. I was kept on the edge of my seat as I was trying to figure it all out. Cheryl has built the suspense up well, and it kept me intrigued to what was going on….This book is witty and funny; I was chuckling to myself several times throughout and the dialogue is just perfect. It flows seamlessly, and as it’s not a long book, it trundles along at a good pace.” ~ Katie Jones

“This was a short fun packed read…. and just as the title implies it was filled with cats, Italian cuisine, and ultimately a kidnapping…. this is the first book in what looks like is going to be a wonderful new series!… All in all a good start to a new series, recommend to cat lovers, food lovers, and people who enjoy quick, easy reads!” ~ Berit&V@Audio Killed the Bookmark

“This is such a fun read and very fast paced as I followed Anna. I am going to say that she is a little quirky and this is meant in a positive way. It means she has bundles of energy, can talk or actually babble away incessantly and is a really great character.” ~ Yvonne Me and My Books

“I really liked the character of Anna, and I am already looking forward to more of her adventures (next book coming in January). She is annoyed by people who find strange that, since she is Italian and 37 years old, she is still not married. She likes to cook cannolis. She is funny, smart, and likable.” ~ Book After Book

“Anna is a great character, a little sarcastic perhaps and seems to like her cats more than people but I’d still like to be friends with her, mainly so I can have some of those delicious sounding cannolis!” ~ On the Shelf Reviews

“If you’re looking for a light, sweet literary snack — a cannoli, if you will — this’ll hit the spot. Give it a whirl. The sequel is set to come out in January, so you won’t have to wait too long for another bite.” ~ HC NEWTON, The Irresponsible Reader

A Killer’s Reflection

“The signs had been there for anyone to see, but Doug had hid them well. From the torture of animals to the rape of a peer. But he was perfect in his mother’s eyes, she doted on constantly, something he hated, and yet expected from everyone. His mother Sandra lived and breathed for him, much to the resentment of his older brother Charles. As soon as he was able, Doug left the stifling environment and joined the Navy, but his attempts to suppress his desires sent him down a destructive path.” ~ 5 STAR Review by KJ Simmill for Readers’ Favorite         Read More

A Killer’s Reflection is a thought-provoking book. It will have you looking at the person lying next to you. I think most will be able to relate to at least one situation in the book. If not, then kudos to you. Still well worth the read, I read it in one night. ~ Anonymous Amazon Reviewer

“A Killer’s Reflection by Cheryl Denise Bannerman is a captivating—and, in many parts, steamy—thriller. The numerous graphic scenes may make this book too much for some, but those who can handle sex, violence, and drug addiction will thoroughly enjoy it… Ask around the projects, and you will learn of a much darker side of Douglass Randall Coleman, Jr. Scarred by childhood trauma, Douglass is paranoid, a chronic liar, controlling, and, worst of all, violent. The older he gets and the more of the world he finds out of his control, the worse Douglass’s mental condition gets. His mental instability soon threatens those around him, and it seems that no one will ever be able to serve him justice. But thrillers always have a twist, and this one is no exception.” ~ Stephanie H. (Goodreads)

“This book is a very good read, and it exposes the effects of childhood trauma. It shows how it affects people in different ways. The ending had an unseen twist for me. I guess I was not expecting it. It was masterfully written and quite entertaining. It is a must read!! ~ Sharronne McNeil

“This is a look inside the dark and twisted soul of a killer. A man who seems to make himself from practically nothing, and seems to have it all together on the outside, but there’s something happening inside, behind the scenes. This book is about more than just the murders; it’s about getting a look inside the mind of the man who has killed, tormented, and destroyed the lives of so many. There’s a lot going on in this book, and you’ll definitely see what it takes to build a killer. With Doug, there’s no telling what could happen next and that’s the way A Killer’s Reflection is written, so you never know what he’s going to do next or if he’s going to get away with it all.” ~ Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers’ Favorite

Words Never Spoken

5 STAR Review by Patricia Reding for Readers’ Favorite ~ “My initial reaction on reading several of the poems in Words Never Spoken, by Cheryl Denise Bannerman, was: “Wow. What pain. What honesty.” Set forth in seven parts, following the subject’s life struggles, the book invites readers to consider a series of questions at the end of each chapter (making this a possible group study guide).” – Read More

“ABSOLUTELY GRIPPING from first page to last … Bannerman’s words are spoken from the soul: harsh, raw, melodical, lyrical, and oh-so-honest. A must-read for anyone who’s been impacted by an abusive relationship, or anyone who is searching for the way out.” ~ Belwoeth Harbright, author of FULL-TILT EXORCIST

“This poetry book follows a narrative format highlighting common issues in the black community. Typical themes of infidelity, drug abuse, lust, and religion dictate the poems that lead a fictitious story. The language, idioms, and scenery cater to an audience well-versed in this environment. However, due to the universal nature of the themes it can appeal to all.” – Amazon Review

“Words Never Spoken is a powerful account of ambition and hope, despair, and rejuvenation and introduces its subject with a succinct observation of the process that receives deeper inspection in chapters to follow: “I wanted what every girl wants: to fall in love and live happily ever after. But, after one failed marriage and with forty quickly approaching, I had given up. While many stories chronicle this same process, what sets Words Never Spoken part from most others is its attention to rendering these experiences in verse, accompanied by black and white line drawings that, together, capture the process of wading through the lies and obstacles to togetherness and a happy life.” ~ Reviewed by Diane C. Donovan, Author and Editor – Read More

This book is deeply moving and originally written. This would be a great book for not only those having issues in their lives but for everyone. This book will help you find your self-worth. It will help you on the road to healing and will give you clarity. Ms. Bannerman has done a great service with this book. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Bannerman. ~ Author S. Daniels, Amazon Review

Black Child to Black Woman

“I loved the way this book was written–like a journal. It was like taking a step right into Tara Walker’s life from when she was 9 until she is in her 30’s. I got to read all of her deepest thoughts–things that probably not many people in her life knew about. The only thing I thought was kind of strange is that she was writing in her journal at graduation, but I guess it could happen?” ~ Anonymous

“Tara is a comical little girl. She talks about mom being mad at her dad for drinking “acka-hall (that’s a bad drink)” p. 2. I just felt like I was right there with her going through the events of her life. She had ups and down in her life, but she was always such a positive spirit! She really went through some pretty heavy situations like her brothers being into drugs, being molested… and just the other events that a girl goes through.” ~ Anonymous

“I would definitely recommend this book. It’s a nice and quick book to read. I liked the way the book was put in journal format and it went from playing dress up, to losing virginity, to being a grown woman.” ~ Anonymous

“Bannerman’s ability to transition Tara’s voice from child to woman is at once cogent and impressive.”~ The Book Bum

What an exciting book with a little bit of everything… love, pain, suspense, tragedy, and sex. I finished in 3 days. Could not put down!!! ~ Anonymous

“This book is a well insightful view from a child to a woman. The book is not suspenseful, but it do have you wonder what will happen next in her life and how would she overcome her obstacles. The flow of the book makes the reader feel as though they are right beside the woman as she goes through all of her trials and tribulations growing up. It kind of makes you look at it from a best friend perspective. The way the writer puts you into her world it is like she is telling her best friend (which is the reader) everything that is going on in her life… Overall, a great book to read and very entertaining.” – John Haltiwanger, Amazon Review

“Tara Walker is nine years old when she begins a diary in Black Child to Black Woman: an effort that follows her emergence into adulthood, sweeping readers into her perceptions and interpretations of life from first a child’s eye, then from an adult perspective. Tara’s voice notably changes as she matures, and this is just one strength to a powerful presentation which succeeds in imparting a realistic sense of progressive growth as it follows the fictional evolution of a girl to womanhood.”~ Diane C. Donovan, Author and Editor

“With life there are all types of experiences, lessons and challenges that shape us. It is the beginning of life from the womb to our formative years, up to the age of five, that help to create who we will be. If something drastic, brutal, or unfavorable occurs during these times, it can have a negative impact, but all is not lost – you can still overcome.” ~ Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite  Read More

A Bloody Stiletto, Cold Lasagna, and a Bestseller

“Once again, Anna Romano made me laugh with her adventures. The story is entertaining and suspenseful at the same time, captivating and refreshing, witty and romantic… I also enjoyed reading about Anna’s tasty Italian dishes: her lasagna, biscuits, and muffins made my mouth water.” ~ Naomi Proietti Read More
“A Bloody stiletto…’ gave me big Jessica Fletcher vibes-she is a huge hearted and well meaning writer who cannot help but get involved when she sees things which don’t add up.” ~ Rachel Readit! Read More

“…extremely well written with strong characters, laugh out loud moments, drama and storylines that will make you gasp…” – Amanda Duncan Read More

“…a fun, quick read (at under 200 pages) which is both entertaining and features a really likeable protagonist, author Anna Romano…a lot of fun, and it’s an easy read when you fancy something light-hearted and entertaining. This is definitely a cozy, carb-filled mystery – perfect for a winter night!” ~ Laura Nazmdeh (Laura Snazzy Books) Read More

“This book is a well insightful view from a child to a woman. The book is not suspenseful, but it do have you wonder what will happen next in her life and how would she overcome her obstacles. The flow of the book makes the reader feel as though they are right beside the woman as she goes through all of her trials and tribulations growing up. It kind of makes you look at it from a best friend perspective. The way the writer puts you into her world it is like she is telling her best friend (which is the reader) everything that is going on in her life… Overall, a great book to read and very entertaining.” – John Haltiwanger, Amazon Review

“Anna has a serious Miss Marple meets Nancy Drew affliction. She just can’t help herself when it comes to any kind of mystery or anything that looks like a crime…It’s a light-hearted cozy crime with a subtle layer of humor.” ~ Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog Read More

“This book was a super-quick read that kept me interested the whole way through. I also liked that the ending was not as expected – there’s some nice twists at the end, which added nicely to the whodunnit atmosphere of the book.” ~ Ashley Gillan Read More

“The characters are well written. The protagonist, Anna, is hilarious. It’s a story which was easily read and very much enjoyed. I am certainly hoping for a third in the series!” ~ Mac Reviews Books Read More

“First of all, can I just say I love the titles in the series, this title has three of my favorite things in it: shoes, food, and books! It is a quick easy read the perfect way to spend an afternoon. There is a lot packed into this little book: great characters, an intriguing mystery, and food! Recommend!” ~ Audio Killed the Bookmark Read More

“…a lighthearted and entertaining romp through murder scenes and supermarket brawls – a perfect choice for those of us who like our grisly murders served with a side of humor…The book can be read as a standalone, however reading the series in order will give the reader that little bit extra insight into the characters.” ~ Curious Ginger Cat

“…such a fun read, pulp fiction at its best… this crime caper is filled with humor, likeable characters, many cats and cold lasagna.. an easy, fun read.” ~ Lesley Budge (The Bookwormery) Read More