Words Never Spoken


Words Never Spoken, a book of Spoken Word, is a never before seen, unique, chapter- and story-driven, fictional book of spoken word. It is a book that touches on the deepest personal issues today, such as depression, suicide, molestation and domestic abuse. It is book of self-improvement and self-help with lines for journal entries to hold the readers deepest thoughts.



It is often the unspoken words that hurt us the most.

In order to break the silence of abuse, we must find our voice again.

Written in poetry format, with a tone representative of a distinct urban culture, Words Never Spoken is not for the faint of heart. It is a story told from the voice of a woman who has endured tremendous pain to protect herself and her child; but instead of giving up, continues to fight in the name of love and her renewed faith in God.

After suffering through a failed marriage and difficult divorce, she searches for and finds ‘Mr. Wonderful’. But appearances are not what they seem. Life with Mr. Wonderful quickly catapults her into a world of addictions, infidelities and crushing depression.

Author and Editor, Diane Donovan, of San Francisco Relocated, describes the book as “a powerful account of ambition and hope, despair, and rejuvenation”…“documented in verse and accompanied by black and white line drawings…”

If you are or ever have been in a tumultuous relationship where abuse or addictions were an issue, Words Never Spoken will help you begin the healing process.

As each chapter ends, you will be challenged to relate the stories to your own personal experiences, taking pen to paper, and answering the questions on the journal lines provided, as well as through the web site’s intimate blog discussions.

She endured, and ultimately escaped, and so can YOU.


ISBN/SKU Format Price
9781524622664 6×9 6×9 Perfect Bound Softcover $13.99
9781524622640 6×9 6×9 Casebound Hardcover $23.99
9781524622657 eBook $3.99
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Copyright Year: 2016

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