Words Never Spoken: A Poetry Journal for Healing


Unlock your inner strength and embark on a transformative journey with ‘Words Never Spoken,’ the award-winning poetry journal that transcends boundaries and ignites resilience. Dive into gritty, streetwise wisdom and captivating art as you break the silence of hidden abuse and find your voice, guiding you towards a brighter, empowered future, one chapter at a time.


Unlock Your Inner Strength and Transform Your Life with “Words Never Spoken” – The Award-Winning Poetry Journal!

Winner of the 2018 Book Excellence Award 

Step into a world of poetic inspiration that transcends boundaries and ignites your spirit. “Words Never Spoken” is not just a book; it’s a journey towards resilience and self-discovery.

Discover the Power of Ambition and Hope: Immerse yourself in a narrative that explores ambition and hope, despair, and rejuvenation. Diane Donovan from San Francisco Relocated hails it as “a powerful account” that resonates with gritty, street-wise wisdom.

Poetry Meets Art: Each verse is beautifully accompanied by captivating black and white line drawings, enhancing the visual and emotional impact of every page.

Break the Silence of Hidden Abuse: Unspoken words can be the most damaging, but “Words Never Spoken” empowers you to find your voice again. Dive into the tale of a resilient single mother who embarks on a journey to heal from the aftermath of a tumultuous relationship.

Relate and Reflect: With each chapter’s end, you’ll be prompted to relate these powerful stories to your own life experiences. Grab your pen and engage with the thought-provoking journal lines provided. Join our intimate blog discussions on the website to share your journey with others who have walked a similar path.

Embrace Healing: Among the myriad poetry books for women, “Words Never Spoken” stands out as the beacon of hope. It’s more than just poetry; it’s a lifeline for those seeking healing, transformation, and a renewed sense of self.

Break free from the shadows of abuse and addiction. Let “Words Never Spoken” guide you towards a brighter, empowered future, one chapter at a time. Don’t just read; experience the healing journey today.


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