Domestic Violence: The Ultimate Paradox

Your home should be a place of safety. Yet, in a month devoted to highlighting the pain and feelings of shame caused by domestic violence, for some it is the place of greatest danger. Each time the door closes, when the light goes out, when no one else is around to...

The importance of self-compassion

If you have ever had a period of clinical depression, or if you have struggled throughout your life with chronic depression, you know that this is more than just a period of sadness. Depression is well named. It pushes down on a person, it makes the world full of...

The Importance of a Journal

So, you have started the journey with me. You have read the first powerful moments in the Words Never Spoken story of how someone can strive, thrive and live with hope. Now is the time to share your thoughts, to put your pen to paper, to shape your story. This is a...

Love at first sight; flee or fight for Love

Love at first sight; flee or fight for Love

Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Is it possible to love someone at first sight based on what's on the 'inside'? versus their outside characteristics, such as eyes, hair, smile, or physique. "Yes, we can, says psychoanalyst Roland Gori, who believes we can create...


Took a shower in Holy Water today Crying as drops of guilt and shame, trickle down the drain I am healed. No more myself to blame How many of you have had to gain closure on your own because a friend or loved one refused to 'own up' to their role in your pain? It's a...

Paying it Forward!

Paying it Forward!

Have you ever heard of the phrase paying it forward? I first learned about this 2 years ago, when my daughter and I were at a toll booth about to pay and the ticket-taker person said it was paid already by the car that just pulled off. I was in awe, felt God had...

Dress Better, Feel Better

Dress Better, Feel Better

It's been said many times that dressing up, having your hair done, wearing makeup, wearing jewelry, getting in shape, etc... makes you feel better about yourself. And that you should do it for yourself and not for someone else. But doesn't it also make us feel good...

What do Values mean to YOU?

Pick a word from the Integrity Word cube and tell us what the word Values mean to you. Think about the role models and lessons you were taught as a child. How did they make you the person that you are today? 

Positive Affirmations

    Just like there is power in speaking the name of Jesus, there is power is speaking positive affirmations over yourself and your life. Check out these affirmations based on scriptures from the Word....


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