On January 31st, 2022, award-winning, multi-genre author, Cheryl Denise Bannerman, surprised her readers with The Gecko Without An Echo. This beautifully illustrated children’s book of pastel watercolors done by illustrator, Anushka Bansal, opens the author up to a whole new group of readers – young children in the early stages of development.

“This has been a genre I have been wanting to venture into for so long, but I wanted the message to be meaningful. In this first book, The Gecko Without An Echo, I am teaching young children the importance of meaningful friendships, appreciating those around us who care, and communicating with them when we need someone to listen,” says the author, Ms. Bannerman.

In the new children’s book, Earl the Squirrel and Tim the Gecko are best friends living in a tree by the bay. Tim is happy roaming the woods with his best friend, except for one thing… when he shouts his name, he gets no reply. They roam the forest shouting from high to low, and even teach children ‘Hello’ in different languages as they try to find Tim’s echo.

In a recent Goodreads review by Vanessa Garcia, she writes “It is beautifully illustrated, and the rhyming verses will definitely keep the young ones engaged. And to top that, the story talks about an issue that is not only for the kids but true for adults as well. So, for anyone who has kids, I highly recommend this book.” …READ MORE HERE