Have you ever been in a situation where what you ‘thought’ was real, ended up being fiction? How did you handle it? What would you have done differently today?

Journaling your thoughts and feelings can be so cathartic for healing, as well as exercise for releasing those endorphins, and embracing other self-care activities you enjoy.

This next post in the Words Never Spoken series will focus on Chapter 6: Unrecognizable.

I thought my life was going great, I had a wonderful childhood, with wonderful parents, yet one day truths were revealed and I suddenly didn’t know ‘who I was or where I came from’.


Who Am I?

The poem, Identity Crisis, was pulled from my personal experience of how I felt at 42 years old, finding out at my father’s funeral that I was adopted. It was a horrible day I will never forget. After years and years of searching for the truth, I finally had to come to terms with the fact that I may never know the real truth, and decided to live in the ‘reality’ of my memories as my truth. No one could take away the two people that raised me, loved me, spoiled me, and gave me a privileged life with everything I could ask for. It made me who I am today.

In life, we sometimes have to:

  • Come to terms with situations that have no resolution.
  • Forgive those who don’t even apologize or worse, are not even sorry. And,
  • Move on without those whom we have decades of history with.

But, we can choose to:

  1. Let it DEFINE us and hold us Back OR
  2. Let it PROPEL us Forward.

How I Propelled? Well, it was through years of journaling, writing books, prayer, and talk therapy. And today, I continue to Propel Forward and thrive.

Asphalt winding curve road in a beech green forest

Where Are You Headed?

Consider the roads life has taken you down….What tools have you used to Propel your Life Forward? How will you continue to Propel?

What would you do if those who betrayed you asked to be a part of your life again? Would you say Yes or No thank you?

I look forward to your thoughts and shares in the comments. And, remember, this is the No Judgement Zone. Until next time…