Have you ever heard of the phrase paying it forward? I first learned about this 2 years ago, when my daughter and I were at a toll booth about to pay and the ticket-taker person said it was paid already by the car that just pulled off. I was in awe, felt God had personally Blessed me, and smiled the whole rest of the trip.

The next Sunday in church the Pastor happened to be preaching on Christian values and behaviors and brought up this same phrase. He said that it is our responsibility to pay it forward when we are Blessed. It doesn’t have to be about money, it could be just complimenting someone, saying hello and asking how they are doing, helping someone open a door who has a bag full of packages, or giving a sandwich to a homeless person.

The pastor’s pay it forward story was about an elderly couple having dinner at a local Chilis next to him and his wife, and they told the waitress to give them their tab to pay anonymously. They wanted no recognition, just to see the smiles on their faces was enough.

Ever since then, I have become more vigilant in my pay it forwards. I want to not only thank Christ for how he blesses me everyday, but also want to show other what it means to be Christ-like. He is selfless, kind, giving, forgiving and humble. Do you pay it forward? If so, how do you like to pass the love and goodness of your life onto others?

What do you think of the Free Hugs Project (https://www.facebook.com/FreeHugsProject/) that is going on around the country? Would you consider that paying it forward?

Person Doing Shopping For Elderly Neighbour

CRACOW, POLAND - DECEMBER 20, 2015: Christmas Eve for poor and homeless on the Central Market in Cracow. Every year the group Kosciuszko prepares the greatest eve in the open air in PolandDepositphotos_31796003_m-2015