Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Is it possible to love someone at first sight based on what’s on the ‘inside’? versus their outside characteristics, such as eyes, hair, smile, or physique.

“Yes, we can, says psychoanalyst Roland Gori, who believes we can create a frame of mind where we’re more likely to fall in love instantly. ‘We need to believe that, on some level, something is missing from our lives,’ he explains. ‘When we feel “complete”, that we’ve found everything we want, we’re not as open to the possibility that someone else can heal our pain.’

Whereas if we’re feeling vaguely dissatisfied, someone can appear exactly when we need them to. When we’re feeling down, we’re more open to the romantic notion that someone can walk in and save us. Which is why love at first sight is something we find so desirable, particularly when we’ve been through a difficult time or struggled with sorrow and depression.”

So, is it really true love, or simply based on how we are feeling at the moment we meet, or our ‘current situation’ at that time. And do you run away or embrace it based on your current situation or perhaps based on past experiences?  Hmmmmm.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this sometimes ‘heated‘ topic for the summer.


young brunette couple having fun together at the park

young brunette couple having fun together at the park